Onboard Executive Search (formerly Laura Bradley & Associates) was established in 2007 by Laura Bradley McCoy.

Onboard Executive Search is a premier boutique search firm specializing in strategy, corporate development, operations, marketing, and M&A. We represent a spectrum of clients nationwide, from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized businesses. We work closely with each client to understand their unique business, culture and hiring requirements, ensuring that they receive talent that produces sustained economic results, increased productivity and improved morale.

Onboard Executive Search was created to set a new standard in executive placement. We realize that to be successful, we must not only fulfill our mission to our clients, but to everyone we interact with. As an independent self-directed company, we are free to pursue our vision of excellence. Onboard Executive Search acts in the best interest of those we serve, while pursuing business objectives in a consistent, confident and innovative way. Our belief is that personal and professional fulfillment are inextricably linked and we’re committed to helping companies and individuals find that connection.

Our Distinction

What distinguishes Onboard Executive Search from our competitors is our commitment to serving our clients and candidates with excellence, consistently delivering a high standard of quality and maintaining our reputation for strict ethical standards.

Dynamic People

For a company to be great, it must employ the right people. For individuals to love what they do, they must be inspired by the company and their leaders. We are the thread that connects great people with great companies, igniting new possibilities. By making these connections onboard executive search makes a difference in morale, productivity, revenue and the quality of people’s lives.

Passion for Quality & Service

As a partnership, Onboard Executive Search values long-term relationships and we are dedicated to quality work. The success of our business is based on saving our clients’ time and money by placing quality and service at the center of everything we do. Onboard Executive Search has delivered great results and strives to continually do so.