Laura Bradley McCoy is the President of onboard executive search. View LinkedIn Profile >>

Laura Bradley McCoy is the President of onboard executive search.
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I always wanted to help people, but knew drawing the hard lines between work and home would be difficult. I carefully crafted my first two professions, advertising and interior design. I was passionate about both, but then life took an unexpected turn. I needed to find another profession that suited my circumstances at the time and discovered recruiting. I found myself thinking that I would recruit for one year until I figured out what I really wanted to do. After one year, I opened my own firm. I was in love. It was a way to help. Connecting people professionally became incredibly fulfilling. It was the sole reason I opened my business. My mission became simple; help companies find the right people and help individuals find companies that inspire and fuel their lives. I’ve lived on both sides of the equation and they are equally important.

I worked with an amazing company, team and mentor straight out of college. I spent the next part of my career looking for what I knew existed. I couldn’t find it so I decided to create it. I’m committed to helping the corporate world realize that business and work can increase purpose, potential, revenue and happiness. With decades of experience in client management, hiring and training, I have a keen understanding of how to streamline and refine the hiring process. By fostering loyal, long-term relationships, I use my client’s feedback to pursue innovation and constant improvement. I’m naturally curious and always interested in learning, growing and improving. We can all be successful if we have candor, clear expectations and aligned goals.

I feel lucky that I get to do something that I’m passionate about. I love what I do. And I will spend the rest of my career helping businesses and individuals find a path to greatness.

Dream Big.