How do you differentiate yourself? What makes you better than anyone else? Those are questions to think about, especially since the market is getting more competitive.  I’m not talking about stock answers. What makes you different?  How can you help the company?

Sheryl Sandburg, CEO of Facebook, hired someone based on a phone call simply because they put the companies needs front and center. She hired thousands of people over the previous decade and no one had ever said anything like – “What’s your biggest problem and how can I solve it?”

It’s essential to relay relevant examples of your achievements while expressing your understanding of the company’s challenges/goals. Research is crucial. You can never be overly prepared. Make it a priority to review recent news articles, press releases and financial information.

Use the job description as a guide. What are the hiring priorities? If you were hiring what do you think would be necessary to be successful in the role? It’s also important to review the interviewer’s background. Try to understand what angle they may be coming from, and what might be most important to them.

You must believe in your ability. Although it may seem like bragging, or self-promotion, it’s actually necessary factual information that allows the hiring manager to make the best decision.

There are many variables that are out of your control in the hiring process. You may not get the job, but leaving the interview knowing you gave it your best will set you up for success in your next step. Don’t ever give up! It’s a process that can take quite a bit of time. Be prepared. Believe in yourself!

Laura B. McCoy