An economic slowdown decreased the emphasis on talent acquisition, but as growth ticks back up many organizations are once again battling talent shortages. The return of intense competition for top talent globally has created a power shift in the recruiting relationship. As the economy rebounds candidates have more choices, which requires companies to take certain actions.

Companies must make the hiring process less cumbersome so they can make swift decisions.  I’m not encouraging rash, hurried decisions. However, the market won’t allow for a drawn out process.  Top talent is quickly being absorbed. Great candidates are considering multiple offers. The needle has moved dramatically and companies need to nimbly adjust to a newly competitive marketplace.

Equally important is employing a more personalized approach. If you’re impressed with a candidate, timely and informative communication is essential. It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteeing an offer will be made. It’s a matter of continuing the conversation and keeping the potential opportunity top of mind.

The hiring manager may forget that the candidate is interviewing the company as much as the company is interviewing the candidate. If you’re excited about someone you’re interviewing it’s more important than ever to impart the benefits of working for you and your company. Enthusiasm is infectious. Selling the brand, potential, team and/or goals will attract highly desirable candidates.

The first interview is potentially the start of a mutually productive long term relationship. Clear, consistent and open communication is a fundamental principle for achieving success. Why not start immediately?

Laura B. McCoy